Gratitude Giveaway


In the spirit of Thanksgiving and showing gratitude to our loved ones, I have created some printable cards you can share with the special people in your life.  I used Amanda's amazing printables kit (affiliate link) to create them.  If you're interested in creating fun things to share, I highly recommend you check out the kit. 
Here are my 4 cards:
(I couldn't resist a little Golden Girls tribute- I love them!)
Please print & share these with anyone you need to share you gratitude with.  (I hope it goes without saying, but just to be clear- these are free for you to share but not to sell- I spent time creating them.)  Here is the printable envelope to go with them.  Thank you so much for reading here and for making the world a brighter place with your presence! 
Happy Thanksgiving & many blessings to you & yours!

If you need support in sharing your gratitude and gifts, please check out my Work page for more info on how we could work together.  Or go here for info about a free Fairy Godmother Session to dig into your dreams and see what magics we can find.