2013 Workbook
My 2013 Incredible Year Planner!
Wow-  It's already 2013!  Time just seems to be speeding up for me every year.  Here we are on the cusp of another awesome year!  As we turn the page on each year to the new blank chapter to be written, I feel the need for reflection and planning, just like most people.  My birthday is New Year's Eve, so this is truly the new year beginning for me. 

Over the last three years, my most essential planning tool has become Leonie Dawson's Incredible Year Planner (formerly known as the Creating My Goddess Year Planner) (Yes, that's an affiliate link.  I adore this product and would love for you to have your own.)  It's beautifully colorful and inspiring, while being extremely useful and functional at the same time. 

One of the key pieces is that it takes you through a review of your past year, so that you see how far you've come, how much you've grown and learned.  And then it builds your new year goals, dreams, plans.  It's far too much to work through in just a few hours (and planning your year is important, so that's ok) so I spread it out over a week or two.  I start with the releasing of 2012 and let that experience have the honor and gratitude it deserves.  Then, I spend an afternoon thumbing through 2013 and answering the parts that come easily, while I chew on the tougher parts.  I let it simmer for a while and come back the next day.  
100 Things to Do in 2013!!!
Today is my third day.  I'm filling in my 100 Things to Do list.  Because it's so long, it really makes you S-T-R-E-T-C-H into things you want to do but would never write down otherwise.  And writing them down really helps you make it happen.  Last year, one of the first things on my list was to learn Reiki.  A good friend of mine sent out an invitation that week to her Reiki training in early February.  I was able to mark that one right off and I might have missed it. 

I usually get about 40 on the list and then I have to come back a bit later to add more.  I keep it running for most of January, whenever I think of new things.  Leonie also encourages you to break your goals down into action items so that they can go from dreams to done.  (You'll never be the next J.K. Rowling if you don't write a single page.) 

This is a wonderful process for starting your year on the right foot.  The key is not to get overwhelmed or feel like you should have had it all done by 12-31.  I got my 2012 done before New Year's this year, but last year it was after.  I figure I've got the whole year ahead and the key is planning something.  Just like your GPS needs you to give it an address of where you're headed, you're more likely to reach your dreams if you head in their direction.  I still haven't picked my word for the year- that's something I'm still feeling out.  Because of the baby, I know my whole world will change in May and I don't want to overpressure myself.  So, I'm trying to find something that feels like a gentle stretch forward instead of a big leap. 

What do you do for beginning a new year?  Do you pick a word or phrase? 

If you want to explore your dreams and find more joy in your new year, please check out my Work page for more info on how we could work together.  Or go here to set up a free Fairy Godmother Session to dig into your dreams and see what magic we can find. 
I posted this quote from Oprah's Lifeclass on my facebook page because it resonated so deeply with me.  One of the comments was that we need a daily reminder of this and I agreed.  Please, feel free to set this as your desktop background or print it and post it in your home.  The photo is one I took in India. 
How you treat yourself is how you treat God.  You are the representation of God in your Life.  Iyanla Vanzant
If you need support in treating yourself as you would treat God, please check out my Work page for more info on how we could work together.  Or go here for info about a free Fairy Godmother Session to dig into your dreams and see what magics we can find. 

Symbolic Changes


Two weeks ago, I made a drastic physical change.  After 15 years of wearing my hair in the same basic long style, I had it chopped off into a chin-length bob.  I feel FABULOUS!!! I was so nervous about making that change, even though I’ve wanted to change my hair for several months.  I was just so unsure about whether it would be a good look for me and I was scared of trying something new.  We’ve all had those moments, right?  Where your comfort zone isn’t a happy place, but you’re scared to move out into the unknown, because it’s unknown.  Sometimes it’s something small and mostly insignificant, like a haircut, but sometimes it’s a huge thing, like leaving a marriage where you’re miserable or a job that isn’t your passion.  The leap is always a risk, but most of the time, the result is wonderful.  I look better, younger, & more professional with my shorter hair than I did with long hair.  It’s even spilled over into inspiring me to reinvest myself into my health & wellness goals.  Making that simple change and having it work out positively has motivated me to make other changes that I’ve been wanting to make.

Even though it might sound shallow- changing something physical, such as your hair style, clothing colors, or wearing special accessories, can get you out of feeling stuck.  That change symbolizes to you and to the universe that you are growing and moving forward.  It’s a physical manifestation of your intention to change on the inside as well.  If you mostly wear neutral colors, a red dress or jacket can suddenly make you feel powerful.  Your clothes are the first choice you make daily and help set the tone for your day.  Choose something that makes you feel successful, that feels good on your skin.  Your accessories are also an important tool for activating your courage to change.  A special piece of jewelry that connects you to your grandmother can remind you of your strong roots and help you move forward with your dreams.  A favorite scarf may make you feel more confident.  A new hairstyle can make you feel special and sassy and can stimulate you to leap out to try new things.  I know, because it’s certainly working out for me.  I can't wait to hear about what fun leaps you make!