Symbolic Changes


Two weeks ago, I made a drastic physical change.  After 15 years of wearing my hair in the same basic long style, I had it chopped off into a chin-length bob.  I feel FABULOUS!!! I was so nervous about making that change, even though I’ve wanted to change my hair for several months.  I was just so unsure about whether it would be a good look for me and I was scared of trying something new.  We’ve all had those moments, right?  Where your comfort zone isn’t a happy place, but you’re scared to move out into the unknown, because it’s unknown.  Sometimes it’s something small and mostly insignificant, like a haircut, but sometimes it’s a huge thing, like leaving a marriage where you’re miserable or a job that isn’t your passion.  The leap is always a risk, but most of the time, the result is wonderful.  I look better, younger, & more professional with my shorter hair than I did with long hair.  It’s even spilled over into inspiring me to reinvest myself into my health & wellness goals.  Making that simple change and having it work out positively has motivated me to make other changes that I’ve been wanting to make.

Even though it might sound shallow- changing something physical, such as your hair style, clothing colors, or wearing special accessories, can get you out of feeling stuck.  That change symbolizes to you and to the universe that you are growing and moving forward.  It’s a physical manifestation of your intention to change on the inside as well.  If you mostly wear neutral colors, a red dress or jacket can suddenly make you feel powerful.  Your clothes are the first choice you make daily and help set the tone for your day.  Choose something that makes you feel successful, that feels good on your skin.  Your accessories are also an important tool for activating your courage to change.  A special piece of jewelry that connects you to your grandmother can remind you of your strong roots and help you move forward with your dreams.  A favorite scarf may make you feel more confident.  A new hairstyle can make you feel special and sassy and can stimulate you to leap out to try new things.  I know, because it’s certainly working out for me.  I can't wait to hear about what fun leaps you make!